Welcome to Massive Universe Online.

On this page, you will find general information on the project as well as important links.  We also use this site as a Blog, documenting newest development progress. Click here to read the newest blog post.

What is Massive Universe Online?
Massive Universe Online (short MUO) is, or will be, a SciFi-MMO. The Idea for the game was born in october 2011 when Bergmann89 and Teekeks were playing while being in Skype. The two had the idea to design their own little online game but were lacking an idea. At some point, the topic fell on the game series X. Both found it regrettable that this great game is only playable in single player. This regret then grew into the idea for a game. Akaikee, a friend of Bergmann89 and Teekeks, could very quickly be won for the idea of a online game and is together with Teekeks and Bergmann89 a founder of the Development Group BitSpace. The basic concept of  MUO  is very similar to the X-Series. The player should be able to be completely free in their choices. Three different  kinds of players are targeted. Those who love simulated economies will have the possibilty of actively building the industry of the game world. Players can own multiple space stations that they serivice using their own transporters. With time, they can build their net of trade routes and watch their wealth grow. For those that prefer being in space battles, there is the lifestyle of pilots and bounty hunters. For defending allied sectors and stations, the player can choose from a large number of ships and weapons. As a squad leader, they can have command over a small number of ships taking them to victory. For those strategizing on the battlefield, MUO offers the carreer of a commander on a Battleship or Carrier with a large fleet following them. These ships could be commanded by the AI or by other players.

Important Links

  • Development Blog All current news, compressed on one site. Blogposts will be detailing changes in the game, new gameplay ideas and general development progress.
  • @MassiveUO on Twitter Similar to the blog we post news on twitter. These are not quite as detailed and not as important as the news posted in the blog, but on Twitter they are up to date. Follow us on Twitter.
  • Massive Universe Online Wiki The complete information collection. If you need detailed information on aspects of the game, this is the place. (We’re still working on this, it is not complete yet)
  • Send a mail to the team If you have any questions or ideas about the game, or just want to contact us, then send us an email at info@muo-game.de
  • MUO-Dev ICR Channel For closer contact to our readers, other devs and future players we have our own IRC-Channel. If we’re working on something, we will be online there. For those preferring a client application, here’s the relevant data: irc.freenode.de#muo-dev.

Team Members

  • Bergmann89 …Lead Programmer and one of the founders of BitSpace Development Group. His focus is on the OpenGL Engine and game logic.  He writes in the Wiki and in the Blog as well.
  • Teekeks …our Allrounder helping where needed. The second founder of BitSpace, he supports programming or  the designers with modelling work. His main focus is the Wiki and Blog/Homepage.
  • Akaikee …is the Lead-Artist of MUO. He’s the one building models, designing logos, web desings and all sorts of creative tasks. Sadly, he’s a bit limited in his movements right now because of an accident. The third co-founder of BitSpace.
  • Martok …is part of the programming team, together with Bergmann and Teekeks.  As he is working on other projects as well, he only does part-time work. Often involved in solving problems, he is an inherent part of the team
  • zh32 …the newest member of our team. He focuses on sound design and everything that has to do with sound. He’s not limited to that though and helps out wherever he can.